Ban GLCs from donating to political parties, PM told

The Bar Council has asked Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to give a managerial roundabout to forbid government-connected organizations (GLCs) from giving to ideological groups.

Andrew Khoo, co-seat of the Bar Council’s established regulation panel said this would show that the state leader was really keen on transforming political funding.

“It doesn’t take an adjustment of the law to give a managerial roundabout to say GLCs give to no ideological group, all it needs is a Cabinet choice.

“Assuming the state leader is really keen on changing political funding, that is the one thing he can be held to the present moment,” he said at a gathering on political supporting.

He was emphasizing an issue raised by market analyst Edmund Terence Gomez prior at the gathering that there ought to be a sweeping prohibition on political funding from GLCs.

Gomez said GLCs were “tricky” in light of the fact that they were constrained by various lawmakers and state legislatures.

Last month, Ismail expressed that the Special Cabinet Committee on Anti-Corruption had concurred on a fundamental level to a political financing bill.

He said the bill was significant for the guideline of political supporting and to stay away from the gamble of defilement and maltreatment of force by lawmakers, which would adversely influence the country’s

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