Employees can apply for flexible work hours, says deputy minister

Representatives who need adaptability in their work can apply for adaptable working plans (FWA) with their particular businesses under a correction to the Employment Act 1955 which will come into force on Sept 1.

Delegate HR serve Awang Hashim said the FWA application should be made recorded as a hard copy and remember changes for working hours, working days and furthermore the work environment.

“At the point when the application is made, the business should answer to the worker recorded as a hard copy in the span of 60 days and reasons should be given on the off chance that an application is dismissed,” he told journalists here today.

Prior, he administered the Northern Region Industrial Harmony Symposium program which was held to work on the connection among bosses and representatives.

Awang said examinations were being led on the chance of a four-day work week to guarantee there wouldn’t be any unfavorable effect.

“Studies are as yet being directed thus far, we have seen that working for just four days has not diminished efficiency,” he said, adding that further conversations would be held.

Recently, financial specialist Barjoyai Bardai said Malaysia was not prepared to carry out the four-day work week strategy which had been embraced by a few created nations.

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