Film director is PSM’s sole candidate in Johor polls

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) is handling movie chief R Arangkannal as its only applicant in the Johor state races on March 12.

Party delegate administrator S Arulchelvan, who is likewise PSM public political decision chief, said Arangkannal, 46, otherwise called Ara, would be handled in the Kota Iskandar state seat.

“Ara has additionally been a lobbyist for a long time and has been with PSM for quite some time in Kota Iskandar,” he said at a public interview at PSM tasks room in Kampung Baru Kangkar Pulai close here this evening.

He said Arangkannal was chosen by the party’s strategy, which specifies that an applicant should serve under the party in the body electorate he wishes to challenge for something like two years.

Arulchelvan said despite the fact that it was PSM’s first appearance in the state races, he was sure that the party’s competitor could charm electors in the supporters.

At the up-and-comer naming function, Arangkannal likewise pronounced his resources and pledged not to involve racial feelings in his mission.

Arangkannal is a film and political theory graduate of Universiti Sains Malaysia and has 20 years’ involvement with film and broadcasting.

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