Maids issue will go through channels, says Wisma Putra

Wisma Putra said today follow-up conversations have been held with Indonesian envoy Hermono to look for additional explanation on his articulations over the issue of Indonesian homegrown specialists.

The primary conversation was hung on Feb 16.

The service said an understanding was reached and the two players would keep on adopting a positive and productive strategy in dealing with issues connected with the enrollment of homegrown laborers.

“Any issues that emerge will be directed through the significant services and government organizations. Such measures are critical to stay away from any disarray and misjudging,” it said in an articulation today.

Hermono had been cited in media reports recently talking about the unfortunate treatment of Indonesian homegrown laborers in Malaysia. He had addressed why there were such countless such cases in Malaysia and little to none in adjoining Singapore.

Hermono said there have been various instances of house keepers being made to work for their managers for a really long time without being paid, some in any event, working for over 10 years under such circumstances.

He said homegrown laborers from Indonesia have additionally confronted seizure of their recognizable proof papers by businesses, long working hours without off days, and, surprisingly, actual maltreatment.

Hermono had said that a proposed notice of comprehension (MoU) among Malaysia and Indonesian homegrown specialists was critical because of the weakness of the individuals who worked in this area, as well as in assembling and manors.

The service said the conversation had addressed the situation with the MoU on the enrollment and assurance of Indonesian homegrown specialists.

It said the two legislatures had examined the methodology and course to be taken by the two players towards concluding the dealings and marking of the MoU soon.

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